5 tips to choose solid wood furniture for living room?

New terms in adornment often be confused by the price with great variety and difference design when choosing solid wood furniture for living room. They also do not know what kind of product should take home finally. Today Rainsa will teach you some tips for choosing solid wood furniture for the living room, you can easily buy the right furniture if you pay attention to the following tips.

  1. The wood timber

There is too many wood timber suitable for living room furniture, the expensive kind like pear wood, teak; the median price are maple, oak, ash, gan ba bean and the cheap price are cedar, pine. The more of the price difference, the more difference of the character, texture, smell and color. As a rational consumer, you should choose the natural material that has stability character of tree species to avoid torsion, bending, cracks, arch, noise and other problems in the process of long-term use of solid wood furniture.

  1. Moisture content

Moisture content is the most important factor that affects the deformation of real wood furniture directly, craze, the moisture content of living room real wood furniture ought to be consistent with local balance moisture content. General regulation, the moisture content of the real board is 7%-12%, highest do not exceed 14%, when buying, must see examine a report clearly. If the condition allows, moisture content meter is effective equipment, in the exhibition hall first to determine the moisture content of the varieties purchased, and then at home to test the moisture content of the furniture purchased, if the moisture content of the two only 1% ~ 2% is qualified products.

  1. Machining accuracy

The primitive method is touch and look to examine its process quality accuracy and smooth, if there exist level off, smooth, tenon, the groove is tie-in, install aperture, assemble rigorous whether or not.

  1. Wood board treatment

Check the flaw on the surface of wood furniture such as wormhole, craze, decayed, blue change, dead section and so on. As for small live section, chromatic aberration cannot too exacting, this is the natural attribute of lumber. The natural grain of lumber is chord cut face for the most part, a few are diameter cut face. It is harder to achieve in pure wood furniture if you want same cut face, unless it is planer cut veneer to stick a face.

  1. The paint

The painting has too much breed and color, no matter be a bright light or inferior smooth lacquer, the lacquer model that should see its lacquer board surface when choosing whether even, plump, smooth and clean, bubble and aperture or not. In order to pursue better wear-resisting performance, It’s suggested that coating of UV light cure, an abbreviation of UV lacquer board which is more wear-resisting and be able to endure scalding function is superior to the other coating. There is also a water-based paint, but the price is higher. Pure 100% wood furniture has a distinctive odor by its own, smell whether it is stimulating, if it is, there must be inferior or unqualified painting. You must do not choose the real wood furniture like this, that will harm the body.

Followed the tips above, you have been half of expert on the solid wood furniture. They are not only for bed but also for the other living room types of furniture like the cabinet, sofa, bookshelf, dresser made by solid wood. Rainsa, As a solid wood living room furniture expert, all of our types of furniture has a luxury and roral design. All vintage brown wood material is full of unique wood texture and its wooden structure on both sides. It is functional and suitable,even add an elegant feeling to your home. Call for us for your home needs!