How to buy home furniture online?


Shopping online is convenient, deciding how where to buy furniture may be the trickiest part of the process nowadays. While enjoying the convenience of shopping, people have to face a series of problems. Read our guide to help your settle some of the questions about buying furniture online.

1. Confirmed the proper size

Choosing the right size can be a major headache for most Internet surfers. First of all, when we decide to place an order, we should plan the location of the furniture and then determine the size of the furniture according to the location. At this time, don’t be afraid to ask the customer service, send the measured size to the customer service, usually get more accurate, perfect size matching advice, to avoid the late due to the size is not right, put not return or replacement problem.

2.View comments for reference

I believe many guys shopping goods online will first browse the review of the goods. As we all know, there are full of fake orders and fake reviews, some stores will give bad reviews to their competitors out of malicious competition. And different strokes for different folks, each consumer has different experience on the comment that differ in thousands of ways, so the comment cannot be regarded as the judgement standard of commodity. When you are dizzy head inthe comments sea , it is better to look at the comments in the physical pictures, or ask customer service to send some product pictures or video for reference. Of course, the store’s service index should also be an important factor for you to choose the store’s products. After all, if there are product problems, a timely and high-quality service is also the key to deal with them properly.

3.Correct installation

When buying furniture products in famous brand shops or online stores, there is usually a choice service of door-to-door installation(which is the main judgement of sell’s strength and standardization), while some guys will choose to install products by themselves out of DIY fun or budget problems. It is funny that DIY work, but furniture is in the process that installs may happened to produce some problem like drag inadvertently, blow rub which damage the perfect product possibly. In the choice of their own installation, we must not forget to communicate with customer service or shopping guide staff clearly installation attentions or the best professional installation master to complete the work may be the best choice, after all, professional things need professional people.

4.Balance dreams and reality

Whenever we buy a piece or a set of furniture, it’s difficult to experience the comfort and beautiful. You may be frustrating received the goods and the colors and sizes may don’t match like a snack after the meal. We suggested that or consult with the stylist of the major that sells the home first tie-in problem makes a judgement again before choosing furniture.


Seriously, online shopping is a complete blessing for the lazy. Imagine that lying in bed, opening an online store like ikea or amazon, finding what you want and ordering it yourself. And amazon’s service policy has been mature, the consumer protection and services are quite complete, even if there is a shopping dispute, you can also enjoy the return or repair services,which did’t differ with the physical store. Why not online to buy furniture?