How to buy hotel and restaurant furniture?

In the developing hospitality industry, buying the furniture for a hotel is not an easy task. You always need to keep in mind customer care, aesthetics, functionality and safety. In most time, the hospitality furniture in hotel, restaurant or bar furniture will make a first impression on guests. Many guests may base their initial opinions about the service they are going to receive on the hospitality furniture.

1 Hotel style and functionality

For hotel furniture designer, understand that your hotel style and positioning is the first consideration related the customer type and budget. Economic hotels? Business hotel? Or a resort hotel? Hotel furniture should pair with your targeted clientele. Determine what type of guests your hotel caters towards. For example, the business traveler maybe needs built-in charging stations and good-quality lighting for late night computer work. Hotel furniture designs can accommodate the need for convenience by combined hotel furniture and responsive devices will meet the needs of these guests.

2 Hotel budget

Plan for hospitality furniture that falls within your budget. Looking for furniture without a budget in mind could wind up with you falling in love with something far beyond your price range. Researching hospitality furniture manufacturers and their price points before seeking out the furniture itself puts you ahead of the game.

3 Hotel construction and remodels cycles

For hotel owners, in order to ensure guest occupancy rate that affects by the aging and damage of the hotel furniture, the hotel renovation and re-decoration is also an important factor should consider in the purchase of furniture. Choose products that maintain good appearance and quality for a long time without reinvestment, and take care about the warranty period given by the furniture company.

4 Furniture design and color

Furniture design and color will influence customer loyalty to your hotel’s brand. Choose hospitality furniture that fits your decorating style. When a guest walks into their hotel room for the first time, How does the room look? Does it look comfortable? These are all questions whose answers create the first impression for your guests. Having a fantastic design and pleasing color schemes starting carrying through the entire property is a good way to improve their guest experiences.

Hotel and restaurant furniture must coincide with maximum occupancy, make the size of seating, tables, and other furniture appropriate with walkways and aisles is essential. Rainsa, as a leading hotel, restaurant, coffee bars wholesaler in China, We offer countless solutions to create settings both for complete sets and for individual furniture elements. We will guide you in the choice of beds, sofas, hotel tables, bathroom furniture and accessories. Happy browsing!