How to choose furniture for kids?


The room is not only a place for children to rest, but also a space for children to relax and entertain. As a subdivision market in furniture industry, children’s furniture has attracted more and more attention. Many traditional furniture enterprises have tried children’s furniture. So how to choose the right furniture for your children in so many furniture brands?


  1. Brand. Famous furniture brand’s home has quality assurance, their after-sales service is perfect relatively, and the product series is also rich and diverse. You can create a small world for your children according to their personality characteristics. So try to choose the formal brand of children’s furniture.
  2. Environment friendly. Children are more exposed to furniture at home, so children’s furniture must pay attention to environmental protection and harmless. There are many boards to make furniture, such as solid board, particleboard, medium density board, large core board, etc. It is recommended to buy solid wood furniture for children, and check the environmental protection test report of furniture board. Solid pine furniture has always been popular with parents.
  3. Design. Children are easy to fall, you should to choose furniture with smooth edges and no sharp corner。, of course, you can also choose rubber wrapped furniture. In addition, children’s furniture should not be too high, otherwise accidents can easily occur. In addition, check whether the center of gravity is stable, otherwise children will easily step on it and fall down.
  4. Safety. Better to choose a bed with a guardrail in case the child falls from the bed and falls in sleep. In addition, children like to hide in a narrow sealed space, which can easily lead to asphyxia, so it is best to choose furniture with ventilation holes. Generally speaking, children’s furniture is not suitable to use ordinary glass material, because the sharp edges and corners formed after glass breakage can easily cause injury. If the transparent material must be used for aesthetic reasons, the designer suggests replacing it with toughened glass or organic sheets.
  5. Color. Many parents will choose many colors with cartoon designs. Bright colors help children develop optimistic and lively personalities. However, institutional testing shows that the brighter the paint color, the more heavy metals it contains, such as lead. So the content of harmful substances in brightly colored children’s furniture is much higher than that in ordinary furniture. Parents should remember to ask the merchants for the furniture paint inspection report to check whether the furniture surface coating is qualified.
  6. Functionality. The size of children’s furniture should be related to children’s age and body shape. Only in this way can children feel comfortable. Ordinary children’s furniture has a certain period. At this time, multi-functional furniture can be considered. As children grow up, these furniture can also be used, greatly improving the utilization rate of furniture. For example, a high bed in infancy can be turned into a sofa in childhood.


The choice of children’s furniture can be based on the study, bedroom space, decoration style and functional use needs, to create an ideal personality space for children. It can also give children more freedom to choose and cultivate their aesthetic taste.