How to maintain the European leather sofa?

Many people think that leather sofa is easy to clean, and there is no special care and maintenance for leather sofa in daily use, resulting in the shorter service life of leather sofa. Because of the existence of pore, leather care is very important like human skin especially for European classic leather sofa, how to maintain the European leather sofa correctly?

  1. Avoid sunshine. Strong direct sunlight will fade the fabric, and the heat of sunlight will destroy the strength of the fibers. This change can be seen in just a few months. Furniture can be moved away from the direct sunlight to reduce the damage of furniture caused by sunlight, or curtains can also reduce the damage caused by sunlight. If we add another layer of shade, it will have a better effect. It can also regularly adjust the position of furniture, so that the fading degree of furniture can be unified.
  2. Nursing care of leather protectant. The newly purchased leather sofa first wipes off the dust and dirt on the surface of the sand with a wet towel, then wipes the surface with a care agent one or two times (do not use waxy care products), so as to form a protective film on the surface of the dermis, which makes the dirt in the future not easy to penetrate into the dermis pores, so as to facilitate future cleaning.
  3. Ensure room ventilation. Excessive dryness or moisture will accelerate the aging of leather. The leather sofa should not be placed in the place where air conditioning directly blows, which will make the leather surface harden and fade. Furniture should be placed at a distance of more than 50CM from air conditioning or heating outlets. Don’t leave the sofa in a damp basement or on the top floor of the main temperature.
  4. Avoid sharp tool scratches. If improper use results in small cracks and abrasion on the leather surface, the corresponding watercolor pigments can be applied repeatedly, then the epithelial finishing agent or vaseline can be rubbed after drying thoroughly; if the cracks are relatively large, the high-quality adhesives such as leather viscose can be applied evenly on both sides of the scratch. After 8-10 minutes, the scratches can be tightened and aligned.
  5. Avoid stains. Avoid grease stains, ballpoint pens, ink and other sofas. If stains are found on the sofa, the sofa should be cleaned immediately with leather detergent. If there is no leather detergent on your side, the sofa can be lightly smeared with the clean white towel with a little alcohol, then dried with a slightly wet towel, and finally cleaned with a protective agent.

In fact, the daily care of the sofa is very simple, wiping with a twisted wet towel, maintenance with leather cleaning agent for about 2 to 3 months, or using household vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface of the sofa, etc., can keep the European classic leather sofa in a new state. Leather European sofa gives a noble feeling, maintenance is particularly important. This is Rainsa’s summary of how to maintain the leather European sofa. I hope it can help you.