The difference between hotel furniture and home furniture

Many furniture factories have different market positioning for different customer groups and they often manufactured furniture for different areas such as hotel, restaurant, cafe shop and home. Keep in mind the characters of each space if you want to furnish them properly. Design the customers’ area assigned to tables, chairs, stools, counter stools and bar sofas. For this kind […]

The commonly used timber material for China furniture factory

  China is the largest production and export base, the world’s 60% of European furniture are from China. China was the highest consumer of wood in 2017, followed by the United Stated of American and German. In this article, you will learn about different varieties and characteristics of timber material of Chinese furniture.   Chinese […]

What’s European furniture?

The arrival of Renaissance makes furniture stepped a golden age. Renaissance style appeared in Italy in the middle of the 15th century, and then this style began to be popular in the courts and nobles throughout Europe. European furniture referred the furniture style that charactered with ancient Europe designed decorates, the main representative is the furniture of Italian, French, England and Spanish style. Europe type […]

Why choose Ranisa as your European furniture supplier?

  China is the world’s largest furniture manufacturing base and you can find thousands of furniture manufacturers in China. European furniture won a lot of markets with gorgeous appearance and exquisite decoration in recent years. Not only in China, European furniture is popular with the people in other countries around the world and also have […]