Notes of buying home furniture online

In last article, We discussed how to buy home furniture online. Today we continue to teach you some tips of online furniture purchase. Online shopping can only rely on pictures to feel the real experience, which is the biggest disadvantage of online shopping. Especially for sofa, bed, the chunk furniture, the question like what material, sofa comfortable or not, the size of cushion, back chair and sponge is appropriate or not, only the tactile and organ sense can give you the answer.

I believe that a lot of guys spend plenty of time on the design of brick-and-mortar shop, charge for the making to buy high quality appropriate furniture, while shopping online is more convenient, you just click page to find the various parameters of the furniture you want, which is precious time of office workers simply too convenient. So what should I pay attention to when buying furniture online?


The delivery time

Furniture products are different from other items of daily use and can be shipped immediately after ordering. When we place an order, we must first check with the customer service or the shopping guide to see whether there is inventory and whether we need to customize the color or size, otherwise we need time to replenish the goods. At this time, it is very important to choose the right logistics company and service. A strong logistics company can make products safer in transit.


Goods discount

Discounts are a common way to promote shopping online. There is no discount promotion is one of the issues that every consumer cares about. A lot of malicious click information may make you into a fraud, or that advice, add shopping cart please ask customer service to assure the discount information is true and effective.



Transportation is an inevitable problem for online shopping. Big furniture especially real wood sofa is whole outfit, sofa of a Europe type real wood covers an area of 7 8 square, carriage is a big problem. The first thing is freight which accounts for a fifth of the total expenditure, is not a small figure. Secondly, big heavy furniture appears hard to avoid in carrying a process damaged, although had the protection of wooden frame, carry rise also not easy thing. Similarly, physical store transport also to carry, there are certain risks.


Delivery notes

The delivery of goods is one of the most important aspects of online shopping, especially in furniture products. When we receive the goods, we must first check whether there is any damage on the outer box of the package. After conformation of without damaging on the original package, we should open it to check whether the products are defective. After confirmation, signature of receipt is the only thing you need to do.


Cleaning and maintenance

Be kind to someone and the same too you . This applies not only to lovers, but also to the furniture products you buy. To keep your furniture products fresh and comfortable, proper cleaning and maintenance are still important. For dermal sofa, it suggested that leave the distance of at least 5 centimeters when putting so that have sufficient breathe freely space. Smooth the sunken part often sit long application with hand and wipes qualitative with cotton cloth, if there are miscellaneous bits and pieces in fine seam, cleaner sucker is a good helper. For more cleaning and maintenance solutions, please refer to the product manual.


People’s consumption concept has change nowadays, online shopping has become a popular trend. Even some large home experience stores such as IKEA have opened their own online shopping stores. Is the furniture like wardrobe, sofa, soft bed, dining chairs and other large furniture suitable for online shopping? The answer is yes, a quick flick and go to RAINSA and buy the furniture you want!