The commonly used timber material for China furniture factory


China is the largest production and export base, the world’s 60% of European furniture are from China. China was the highest consumer of wood in 2017, followed by the United Stated of American and German. In this article, you will learn about different varieties and characteristics of timber material of Chinese furniture.


Chinese fir

Chinese fir is China’s unique cork tree species. It growth fast, wood texture is straight and uniform, light and tough with fragrance, can resist insects and corrosion, easy to process. But Chinese fir is fast grow material with a period is 4-6 years, has loose lignin fiber, cause scratch easily, is used less commonly to make furniture. This timber mostly can be used density board, particleboard, keel however, or the inner baffle of furniture.

Pine (masson pine, camphor pine)

Solid wood furniture in pine furniture accounted for a large part, especially children’s furniture. Pine furniture basically has two kinds, one is masson pine and the other is camphor pine which accounts most consumption. They are the main raw material of man-made fibreboard in decorating. Masson pine texture is oblique and uneven. It has obvious drawback like serious warped crack when in the dry environment. poor corrosion and painting adhesion. strong nail-holding force .relatively apply less in the home as carpentry plank, the price of carpentry plank is the 3 times of board of integrated board of fir of the same size or big core commonly. Camphor pine is used extensively for the material of furniture of medium grade real wood, most log furniture use pine as its main material. Pine is better and stronger, texture is clearer, and has more beautiful grain.

Northeast China ash

Northeast China ash is the most used wood material in decorative panel due to its excellent characteristics. Ash (Fraxinus mandshurica) is a kind of wood belonging to the genus Euonymus of Oleaceae. It originated from Russia and Northeast China. The greatest advantage of China ash is its beautiful and clear lines, which are used as decorative panels of furniture. A layer of varnish or simple whitening can maximize its beautiful appearance and is suitable for modern simple style furniture. In addition, China ash wood is cheap compared with other timber. However, it is prone to large deformation or shrinkage, so the solid wood furniture made of China ash mostly uses small pieces of wood to join together. Most of the furniture seen in the furniture store is the main frame of China ash solid wood, a large part of which is covered with the skin of ash.

Oak (white oak, red oak)

Oak is a favorite decorative wood and it belonging to fagaceae, quercus. Red oak is not really red, but yellow-pink, white oak is not pure white, but light yellow. Oak is characterized hard, straight texture, rough structure, elegant color, beautiful texture, high strength and wear resistance, but not easy to sawing and cutting when dry, easy to deformation in large area use. The oak pattern has straight and horizontal lines, straight lines are more beautiful, the price is a little more expensive. A lot of rubber wood pretend to be oak with Southeast Asia, you should to pay attention to when buying, discern a method is rubber does not have special smell.


Walnut is one of the most widely used precious woods in the world, especially in European countries. Walnut has good hardness, toughness, fiber structure fine and uniform and good wear resistance, bending resistance, corrosion resistance. Most of high-end European furniture uses this kind of wood.

Camphor wood

Camphor wood contains rich aroma which can drive insect, mothproof, mouldproof, bactericidal. It is characterized big diameter, beautiful grain, fine woodiness,do not break and crack easily. It is the first material selection of sculpture furniture. Camphor wood is used in decorating the backboard that basically is used at furniture, drawer board, especially suitcase, bookcase, ark, the camphor wood. But camphor wood cannot be used for making bed, because its fragrance will cause exciting even insomnia.