The difference between hotel furniture and home furniture

Many furniture factories have different market positioning for different customer groups and they often manufactured furniture for different areas such as hotel, restaurant, cafe shop and home. Keep in mind the characters of each space if you want to furnish them properly. Design the customers’ area assigned to tables, chairs, stools, counter stools and bar sofas. For this kind of furniture, you really need to follow the trend. Search for the latest fad to endow your place with style and class. Do you know the difference between hotel furniture and home furniture?

  • Material

Hotel furniture is more frequently used than home furniture. Different guests have different ideas about furniture care. They differ greatly in material and function use. Hotel furniture is suitable for decoration with high hardness, wear resistance and good scratch resistance, especially tea table, bedside cabinet, etc. For smoking addicts, burning cigarettes may burn the furniture surface, we should consider the fire resistance of the furniture surface. It can be made of fireproof materials or glass panels. Civil furniture generally does not need to pay too much attention to this, but put comfort first.

  • Function

Telephone, ashtray, teacup, table lamp, flowerpot, laptop computer, suitcase, electric heating water heater, etc., may scratch the surface of furniture in the use process, affecting the effective life of the furniture. Therefore, hotel furniture mostly uses wear-resistant metal or glass panels; on the other hand, the combination of furniture and only electronic equipment is the current trend of hotel furniture. For example, business travelers may need built-in charging stations and high-quality night computer lighting. Hotel furniture can meet the needs of convenience, through the combination of hotel furniture and response equipment can meet the needs of these guests.

  • Maintainance

Influenced by the use frequency, hotel furniture takes more time in the term of maintenance than family furniture. In hotels and apartment rooms, water and moisture can damage furniture. Tea dumping, toilet steam, wet towel contact, etc., will cause furniture edge exposure, peeling, plate deformation and expansion, cracks, blistering, mildew and other issues, so the purchase of furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof function, and family furniture need not pay special attention to this issue.

  • Safety

Furniture materials, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint and so on, will release some harmful gases to the human body. The relatively closed rooms in hotels and apartments are not conducive to the emission of these harmful gases. In order to maximize the benefits, some hotel owners may choose some unqualified furniture, which will directly affect the occupancy rate of rooms. In other words, hotel furniture that has to be compliant with national regulations in terms of hygiene and safety. People often regard safety as the primary factor in choosing family furniture, especially for families with children. Safe and environmentally friendly furniture has become the trend of modern furniture decoration.

  • Style

Whether it is a hotel or a family, the style and design of furniture should be consistent with the decoration style. Obviously, hotels and hotel furniture are facing more choices, especially for theme hotels. The location of hotels and apartments, customer groups, room pricing and investment restrictions will affect the choice of hotel furniture. We suggest that we should focus on the preferences of guests and adopt reasonable design, non-exaggerated and neutral furniture to decorate the hotel and improve customer loyalty.


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