What’s European furniture?

The arrival of Renaissance makes furniture stepped a golden age. Renaissance style appeared in Italy in the middle of the 15th century, and then this style began to be popular in the courts and nobles throughout Europe. European furniture referred the furniture style that charactered with ancient Europe designed decorates, the main representative is the furniture of Italian, French, England and Spanish style. Europe type furniture is characteristic with the exquisite manual fine cutting and carving, manual sculpture, enchased, the form that is manual workshop manages more, outline and twist part are formed by a symmetrical curve or curved surface, decorate aureate copper, imitate leather and so on to give you a shoal elegant and grave impression.


According to different style characteristic and the processing Europe type furniture to detail can be divided into the following kinds: Europe classic furniture, Europe neoclassical furniture, Europe rural furniture, contracted Europe furniture.

European classicism style as an important household series that continued the characteristic of furniture of royal family nobility of 17 centuries to 19 centuries, care about every detail, pursuit is solemn and costly and elegant, the contemporary design that later period joins makes furniture more practical, show the historical trace of tradition and deep culture deposit, the furniture is heavily embossed and carved, geometric, woven, curving, cross, christ, angel and lion figures.

Europe neoclassical furniture abandoned too complex adornment and simplified line. The classic and modern design combination make furniture more modern. Although it has a classic curve and curved surface little carve patterns or designs on woodwork, much the straight line of contemporary furniture, use bright color in great quantities, make whole space more open, bright. White, coffee, yellow, magenta is a common color in European style.

Rural Europe furniture looks closer to nature, use light color flower element in great quantities, let you have a kind of sense want to embrace nature, bring the relaxation on the body and spirit. Europe rural furniture focused to the concise, clear line and elegant and decent adornment, compare Europe type classic furniture more pure and fresh with grace.

Contracted Europe furniture is popular with more and more people now, the furniture of this style abandoned the complex adornment of classic furniture, simplified the about line of furniture, saved home space. The application of grain of a lot of natural real wood makes furniture suits the contemporary family, do not break the atmosphere while adding a contracted image.


Rainsa European furniture pursues the combination of artistic beauty and quality as the highest requirements throughout the process from the research and development, material selection to products. Our skilled craftsman selected the raw material carefully and implement the meticulous production request strictly. Rainsa furniture outstanding design and the manufacturing ability obtained the market and customers with outstanding quality and good reputation.