Why choose Ranisa as your European furniture supplier?


China is the world’s largest furniture manufacturing base and you can find thousands of furniture manufacturers in China. European furniture won a lot of markets with gorgeous appearance and exquisite decoration in recent years. Not only in China, European furniture is popular with the people in other countries around the world and also have a great market. Shanghai Rainsa International Co.,Ltd, is a group company for the business of Furniture, Sculpture, Cosmetics and Candy Machine. Rainsa furniture factory covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters, is a production enterprise integrating researching and developing, designing, producing, marketing and serving of furniture. Here we will explain to you why choose Ranisa as your European furniture supplier?


  1. Synchronous sales in stores and online

Our factory is located in Shanghai and has about 500 square meters exhibition hall. Dealers all over the country regularly come here to select products. Online and offline sales have their own advantages and disadvantages. What we can guarantee is the same product quality and we won’t neglect the product quality because of online sales.

  1. Real picture

Most of our products are shot by photographers in the exhibition hall with little decoration and few tools for beautification. Because we know that no matter how beautiful the picture is, it will not be reliable and trustworthy to show the real products. We insist on showing you the most real side of the products.

  1. Real material
  • Our sofa: the sofa is all imported oak, hand-carved, 100% solid wood frame, all the fabrics are directly purchased from Shanghai/Zhejiang: contact surface (back side, armrest surface, cushion surface) leather, backside microfiber leather, as well as high-quality embroidery blended cloth/iced velvet and sponge.
  • Our bed: resin/foam + fibreboard frame/sponge (head of the bed, the end of the bed) + high-quality ultrafine leather (head of the bed and back part), part of the style is leather, the body composition: resin + fibreboard frame.
  • Our table & dining chair: the main frame of dining chair is made of 100% rubberwood (except the table feet of 3 dining tables, which are curved to a greater extent and can only be made of resin foaming material because the solid wood is easy to crack). A few undesirable businessmen always avoid to table leg and with carve designs part avoid talk, it is not real wood actually, have resin foaming while model steel, stick carve designs to pretend to be real wood.
  • Our TV ark & tea table: mainframe is real wood +PE foaming (foot, carve flower place), pine multilayer board (drawer inside board), medium density fiberboard (faceplate, sideboard, bottom board, etc.).
  • Our other European furniture: TV cabinet, tea table and the dining table can be made of marble.
  • Chest & porch & the advocate frame of the dresser is real wood +PE foaming, resin (place of carve patterns on woodwork), pine much layer board (drawer interior board), medium density fibreboard (faceplate, sideboard, a baseboard).
  1. Factory consumer directly.

All products are mass produced and the cost has been the largest optimization. in addition to the dealer layers of consignment sales and huge mall rent, the price is to maximize the benefits to consumers (the price of the dealer physical stores will generally be 2 to 4 times the factory price retail).

  1. Mature logistics channels

Packing and shipping European furniture is not easy. Our furniture is basically a complete shipment, only a simple installation part can be completed. Consult our customer service for all other details.

  1. Professional after-sales service

The service after sale Buying large size furniture on the net is a very austere problem, this is the after sale problem that client cares about commonly. We promise that all the damage caused by the logistics process will be handled and repaired or replaced for you free of charge. If the marble table surface breaks in the transportation and cannot be repaired, we will reissue it for you free of charge at the first time, so that you can purchase furniture online without any worries.


We specialize in the production of european bedroom furniture, leisure fabric sofas, leather sofas and other wooden furniture. In recent years, our company has strictly implemented the ISO9001 quality system standards. The modern factory building, high-quality design team and advanced management team have made the company develop quickly. The products are novel in style, exquisite in craftsmanship, high-end in quality, highly personalized and fashionable, and are the vane of the future development of home culture and art. The company has introduced internationally advanced furniture production equipment, all kinds of products are mainly manufactured based on natural materials and advocate the concept of “green, environmental protection, comfort and health”, the fusion of oriental traditions and modern styles, the interpretation of the unique “Rainsa” style.