Wood types for home furniture making

When it comes to furniture making, wood is the oldest and most commonly used materials nowadays. The commonly used wood for making furniture including 100% pure wood, high density splice, wedge joint board, multilayer board. These woods can divide into 3 types according to the type of timber: the most commonly used and the cheapest is pine (Canada pine, Camphor pine, New Zealand pine), cedar, pescod and so on. The cheaper type including birch, rubber and the expensive are oak, ash, elm, teak, and more expensive nanmu and mahogany which are not used much at home and we won’t discuss here.

Pine has always been popular due to its low price and is commonly used as an ordinary table and chair, sofa and a bed table materilas. It has a highershear strength and nail holding capacity compared to other softwood types. The pine wood texture is simple and natural, if you like simple light color and simple style without a high budget, pine is a good choice. Pine furniture is warmer and more natural than board and modern soft stainless steel furniture. Canadian pine, New Zealand pine growth cycle is fast, annual ring spacing is big, woodiness is soft, not good treatment is planed for instance, mill, carve patterns and so on, do not suit to make the sofa that takes significant radian and curving Europe type, Europe bed, not be worth one’s while (same cost labor does not sell however on the price). Pine furniture generally do clear lacquer (clear lacquer is made of clear primer and clear finish, clear lacquer can clearly see the real wood lines. Clear painting is not necessarily and can be transparent red brown and other colors).

Birch or rubber wood structure is relatively stable, wood density is not too hard, can do all kinds of carved flowers, bending patterns; At the same time, the texture of the wood itself is not obvious, and the machining process such as cutting and milling is relatively smooth. It is the ideal wood choice for furniture of European style (including Mediterranean style, French style, European style, neoclassical style, etc.). The furniture that this kind of wood makes commonly is the muddy water paint that closes completely (muddy water paint is to add be bored with child pink in primer, can cover mu wen), for instance new classic furniture is commonly used aureate, argent, white, black, the paint of French furniture surface already cannot see the real grain of lumber.

Ash, oak, elm three kinds of wood timber is hard, not easy to deformation, especially the elm and oak have long growth cycle, dense and beautiful texture, is the ideal material for American furniture. Because American furniture needs a lot of material and complex carve patterns or designs, taller to woodiness requirement. American household pay more attention to is natural and simple, color in brown, red brown, such as ivory white is given priority to, and many are open paint processing (note: open paint is relative to the closed paint, sealing paint is filled with paint wood texture, covering all woodiness surface, forming a closed package type surface smooth and flat paint shell). Open lacquer is the paint that does not fill woodiness grain full, more strengthened the effect of woodiness grain, the woodiness tactility of concave and convex feels the feeling of nature of closer to original ecology more.

As type of wood is quite large, picking the right timber for home furniture making is critical. The proper timber help you to determine the exact price you need and deciding factor when you want to restore , resale or discard a piece of furniture. Contact Rainsa for your more furniture details!